Knives & Scissors

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Elevate™ Carousel 6-piece Knives Set

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Folio™ 4-piece Chopping Board Set with Chef's Knife

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Elevate™ Store 5-piece Knife Set with In-drawer Storage Tray


Elevate™ Knives SlimBlock 5-piece Knife Set with Sharpener


PowerGrip™ Kitchen Scissors


Rota™ Folding Knife Sharpener



Folio™ Plus 8-piece Knife & Chopping Board Set


Nest™ Boards Plus 6-piece Knife & Chopping Board Set


Elevate™ 3-piece Kitchen Knife Set


Slice&Sharpen™ Set of 2 Knives with Sharpening Sheaths


Mezzaluna Herb Chopper


Elevate™ Knives Bamboo 5-piece Set


Elevate™ Carousel 5-piece Knives Set


Elevate™ Knives Carousel 5-piece Set - Editions


Elevate™ 4½" Serrated Knife


Elevate™ Knives Steel Carousel 6-piece Set


Elevate™ 6½" Chef's Knife


Lockblock™ Knife Block Set


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DoorStore™ Knives 4-piece Kitchen Knives Set

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